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Organic Materials Builder Visits JC High School Students

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Find what you like to do, and find a way to do it. That's the message Matteo Lundgren is spreading to students at Johnson City High School. Lundgren builds things, but not with lumber or mortar. He uses mud, clay, sand, and stone to build houses and other buildings.

"It was so inspiring to me to be able to build something with my bare hands and be able to freeform it," says Lundgren, "Just be artistic and creative and create spaces that utilize natural materials."

Lundgren says he hopes students can see that if they enjoy something enough to want to pursue it, they are free to follow their own path.

"I want them to have the permission, not just to follow the line, this is what you do next, this is what you do next, this is what you do next," says Lundgren, "but to jump ship and just be creative and go for it."

Lundgren says he began posting videos of him building mud structures on YouTube, where he was discovered by a TV crew. Soon he became part of a show on DIY network. He can be seen on the show "Building off the Grid: MudMen."