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Open Letter to SUNY Broome Community after Presidential election

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SUNY -Broome joins Binghamton University and other colleges across the country in offering counsel and resources to those affected by the the recent Presidential election. Below is a letter from the President s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

Last week’s presidential election exposed deep divides within our nation and community.  This divide has been expressed through sadness and frustration for some, and elation and hopefulness for others. Our nation has seen protests, some of which have grown violent and we have seen vile acts of bigotry and hatred across both ends of the political spectrum. This past week has been exhausting.

We recognize as a campus that it would be naive to assume that the fear, sadness and anger of some in addition to the racism, bigotry and hatred of others do not coincide here in Broome County or on SUNY Broome’s campus. As such, we want to send a very clear message: SUNY Broome values diversity, equity and inclusion.  We value discourse and civility.  We value respect and human dignity and, therefore, there is no place for hatred and bigotry on our campus or in our discourse.  We must, with strength and conviction, insist that hate, discrimination and injustices are unacceptable and inexcusable. Our social consciousness must be heightened and our voices strong if we want to make our campus, and to a larger extent, our country a safe and inclusive place for all. However, should you experience or witness an act of bias on our campus, please report it.  SUNY Broome is committed to facing these incidents head on.  For more information or to submit a report, simply click on the following link: HTTP://www3.sunybroome.edu/ptodi/bias-response/

In the coming days, weeks, months and years it will be important for us to intentionally create spaces of healing, discussion and understanding.  These brave, conscious spaces we hope, can be a vehicle for a way forward.  We need to remember and respect each other’s humanity.  We need to denounce rhetoric that fuels division and gives rise to oppression.   We must also listen to each other with open minds and hearts even when it is hard, and most importantly when we disagree.  This is how we honor our democracy.  This is how we create understanding that leads to the actions that create positive change.

With warm regard and hope for our collective future,

The President’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion