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Man pleads guilty in kingpin drug case

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Otsego DA not recommending charges Otsego DA not recommending charges

David J. Mikulski today pleaded guilty to his involvement in the alleged heroin distribution organization of Terrence “Money” Wise.
Between April and July 2016, Mikulski helped operate a major drug trafficking network in Broome County, with heroin sales totaling over $100,000.

“One year ago, on this day, I first warned drug dealers to get out of Broome County; let this be another unabashed warning – in Broome County, drug dealers go to prison,” said District Attorney Steve Cornwell.

Mikulski will serve a minimum eight years in New York State Prison, with three additional years on parole.
He will be sentenced  in Broome County court on January 12th, 2017.