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Over 30 Years of Celebrating Spiedies

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Spiedies are sizzling on the grills as thyousands of people get ready to enjoy one of the area's most cherished traditions; the Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally.

The event began as a friendly competition between a few local families, each believing they had the best spiedie recipe. It's been over 30 years and that cook-off has now turned into a three day long celebration.

"Spiedie Fest for us is really like Christmas because ou get all these people who come by and just have an awesome time," says Andrew Salamidam the son of one of the co-founders of Spiedie Fest, "People are coming home, like it's their annual pilgrimage back to Binghamton. Or they're trying it for the first time, they're bringing friends, and they're spreading the good word of spiedies."

The festival continues its mission of bringing family entertainment and good food to the area with cooking competitions, concerts, and of course, the hot air balloon launch.