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Convicted Murder Gets 5 - 15 Years More For Bribery

By Kerry Longobucco.
On Wednesday in Chenango County Court, convicted murderer Ganesh 'Remy' Ramsaran received the maximum sentence for for attempting to bribe a corrections officer.

Ramsaran, of New Berlin, is already serving 25 years to life for killing his wife, Jennifer, in December 2012. He pleaded guilty to second degree bribery -- and with this new conviction, bought himself 5 to 15 more years on top of that sentence.

Ramsaran was convicted of murder in 2014 after a high-profile murder trial that featured damning evidence of an affair between he and his mistress.

Shortly after being convicted, Ramsaran offered a corrections officer $100,000 to help him escape from the Chenango County Jail. The exchange was caught on surveillance video.

Chenango County District Attorney Joe McBride says he expects state prison officials will keep an especially close watch on ramsaran -- especially after last summer's infamous prison break.

"Because of the issues -- someone who's convicted of murder being in a secure facility, and two, our state's recent past," McBride said. "His privileges will be limited to be sure that he stays behind bars where he's been sentenced to be."

As part of his guilty plea, Ramsaran waived his right to appeal the bribery conviction.

However, he does currently has an appeal pending on his murder conviction, on the basis that his lawyer didn't do a good enough job. McBride said he expects a ruling on that that later this year.