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UPDATE: Two Suspects in Custody in Mygatt Street Murder

Binghamton Police now have in custody two suspects, both charged with one count each of Murder and Attempted Murder, following the incident at a home on Mygatt Street early Monday morning.

Shortly after 6:00 a.m., Binghamton Police responded to 32 Mygatt Street to find a woman severely injured stating that her boyfriend had just been murdered.

The home was engulfed with flames.  After the fire was put out, police found the body of a man thought to be the victim of the homicide.

The woman was sent to Wilson Hospital.

"And I had just got my news paper and went back inside. And about four or five minutes later I heard somebody scream. And then I saw the medics around the corner with a lady on the ground. I don't know who she was," said Gwendolyn Belcher a Mygatt Street resident.

"Yeah it's kind of a shocking thing because this was always a nice quiet neighborhood. And people who owned their property took care of it and worked everyday," said Tony Biconish a Binghamton resident.

Police tell FOX 40 News that they have also recovered the vehicle the men are believed to have used in fleeing the scene: a stolen a black 2001 Dodge Ram with New York plates reading ECZ8472.  Police won't say where the truck was located but confirm that it was not in Binghamton.

The suspects will be arraigned tomorrow Monday morning in Binghamton City Court. 

Police will also hold a news conference during the day.

FOX 40 News will be covering developments as they unfold, with reports on this website and on our 6PM  and 10PM newscasts

Anyone with additional information should call the Binghamton Police at 772-7080. 


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