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President Obama Visits Binghamton University

On Thursday, President Barack Obama visited the University of Buffalo where he unveiled his plan to keep higher education affordable. On Friday, he stopped by Binghamton University to speak with students.

It was the most intimate setting of his two day bus tour, a town hall style meeting at BU's student union.  The President starting off the afternoon telling students and staff about his plan to make higher education affordable

"Over the last three decades, the cost of higher education has gone up 260% at a time when family income has gone up about 16 percent,"
said the President.

His plan includes three reforms including ranking colleges based on the best value, challenging colleges to be innovative to reduce tuition costs and reduce student loan debt.

"We can't price higher education so prohibitively that ordinary families cant afford. That will ruin our chances to make sure the 21st century is the American century just like the 20th century,' said President Obama.

Then the president handed over the mic to the crowd.

"The rule of town hall meetings is you wear a t-shirt with the President's face on it," said President Obama.

Former teacher and current grad student Ivanna Smith asked the President how his administration planned to address budget cuts to early childhood education programs.

"You can never get a straight answer from out of the President.  He did make some great points.  Some of the things I wished he would of touched upon were teachers and how they are respected in this country versus some other places," said Smith.

Senior economic major Kevin Cervantes didn't have a chance to ask his question but described the president as personable and honest.

"Every response was like I feel like he really cared and the government is taking interest in our education and the future as well so he's laying a solid foundation," said Cervantes.

"They were carefully understood answers of how two solve an extraordinary hard problem right now and at the same time be fair to everyone involved in it .  They were great answers that also showed the answers aren't done," said President of Binghamton University Harvey Stenger,

This was the second to last stop on his bus tour.  President Obama will speak at Lackawanna College Thursday night.

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