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Village of Owego Mayor Arrested for Driving while Intoxicated

The mayor of Owego admits to being arrested last night after driving while intoxicated. Today he apologized to the village's residents.

Mayor Kevin Milar posted to his Facebook page today.. writing--
"I made a serious mistake last night and drove after having too much to drink and was arrested for driving while intoxicated.This is a personal issue and a personal problem for me that I will be dealing with. I apologize to the residents of Owego who have a reasonable expectation of better behavior & judgement from their Mayor."
He added...

"My drinking has not impaired my performance as your Mayor nor will I let it. I ask and hope that village residents can see my strengths as well as my weaknesses and will not let this incident deter my continuing to serve the residents of the Village of Owego."

Milar was elected mayor of the village in March of 2012.

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