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JC Mayor Releases Plan to Fight Crime and Blight

Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie hit the campaign trail Friday and spoke on his plan to reduce crime and blight in the Village.

Deemie says he plans to hire another police officer and add a K-9 unit. When it comes to eliminating blight, he wants to hire a third party to conduct code inspection on properties. Property owners and management companies will pay an annual fee for the inspection.

Deemie says crime and blight are directly related to economic growth.

"If you don't get rid of them you won't have an economic development. So we really need to look at what we need to do to take our crime, get rid of it, lower it. And also do our job to get rid of some of the blight in the community," Deemie said.

Deemie's opponent Barrett Esworthy told Fox 40 that Mayor Deemie's proposals are only addressing the symptoms of crime and blight and not the core roots.

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