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Water Drive for PA Fracking Victims

A dispute over water for families in Franklin Forks Pennsylvania makes it's way to Binghamton.

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan and other anti-fracking activists announced they are donating water to three families who say their supply has been damaged by fracking.

WPX Energy had been delivering water to the families starting in March of 2012, as the Pennsylvania DEP investigated whether fracking had caused elevated levels of methane and other issues with well water.

The DEP investigation concluded in April of this year that fracking was not the cause, and that residents should make sure they vent their wells.

It's a conclusion that Franklin Forks resident Tammy Manning disputes.

"Shale crumbles. You can pick a piece of shale up and crumble it in your hands so it's pretty obvious to us that if they're injecting high pressure into the ground that the shale is just going to crack everywhere," said Manning.

A spokesperson for WPX says the water deliveries were always a temporary arrangement.

She says an attorney representing the three families informed the energy company that the families had purchased permanent solutions to their water issues.

Manning says that's not the case, and that she is getting a new water Buffalo next week and the other families have received donated buffaloes, but that they still need water deliveries.

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