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Chief Requests Two Firefighters, New Truck in 2014

The trick is to keep the city safe on a budget.  The Binghamton City Council heard from the Binghamton Fire Chief Wednesday what funds the department needs in 2014.

Chief Daniel Thomas has proposed a $9,885,687 budget--about $200,000 more than the 2013 budget.  The chief says he would like the council to approve funding for two more firemen.  He said this would bring the department up to 120 firefighters, and will reduce overtime costs, as well as help keep the men safe.

The Chief also hopes to have a fire truck replaced.  He said it's close to 20 years old, and trucks should only be used to for 10 to 15 years.

"They also get outdated.  There are certainly equipment and features on a truck that would be built now than would be built 20 years ago--maybe as simple as seat belt, air bags, on and on like that.  Again, it's not only just the function of it but for the safety of the firefighters utilizing it," said Chief Thomas.

Thomas said the department has an ambulance with parts that need to be replaced.  However, he stressed that if he had to chose, he would like to see a new truck this year.

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