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Local Priest Says Pope Not Changing Church Stance

There is local reaction to remarks by Pope Francis this week that the Catholic Church has grown obsessed with gay marriage, contraception, and abortion.
The remarks caused shock waves both within the church, and in secular circles that had long debated the need for the church to find relevance in the modern world.

But, Father John Donovan, of St. James Church in Johnson City, says the Pope's words are being taken out of context, and that the beliefs of the church have not changed.

" it's not anything that he's ignoring or changing.  He's just saying that isn't the focus of who we are as a people. as a people of God. That is an issue in our community in our world, it isn't our identity," said Father Donovan.
The Pope said that without a new balance, the church is likely to fall like a house of cards

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