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Lightning Strikes Cause Damage Across Endwell

Wednesday evening's fierce, but fast moving rain storms did cause flooding, toppled trees and closed some roads for awhile.Drivers in Endicott should steer clear of Hooper Road, parts of the street have been sectioned off and closed.

Lightning was the cause of some downed power lines, causing traffic lights to go out, as well as a loss of power at the Weis plaza area, and the surrounding residents. The Endwell Fire Chief was able to tell us just exactly what happened.

"The homeowner had done a very nice job using his own extinguisher to knock it down, and we just finished putting out the fire and checked for extension into the walls," said Endwell Fire Chief Jeff Winchell.  "The problem with lightning is that it is just so unpredictable, you never know where it's going to hit or what it's going to damage. So basically you just have to be diligent during a lightning storm, keep an eye on your own home, and call 911 if you have a lightning strike."

Power isn't expected to be restored to the area till midnight or later.

Downed power lines weren't the only damages accumulated from the storm.  Not too far from Hooper Rd., a house on William St. suffered some damage when a lightning strike nearby traveled across the home's electrical entrance cable, causing some damage to the front of the house, and set a small fire in the basement next to the electrical panel. But luckily, this incident was controlled quickly.

"We had several lightning strikes in the area on Hooper Road that caused the primaries, very high voltage lines, to fall along Hooper Road. They were arching into the ground with all the rain that we had. So we responded to the area and kept people away till NYSEG could arrive and disconnect the power. Right now we're just holding traffic control so NYSEG can get there to make sure the power lines are dead and they can start reconstruction," said Endwell Fire Chief Jeff Winchell.

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