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Higher Gas Prices Won't Affect Motorists' Holiday Travel Plans

While the big increase in traffic is expected Friday evening,  Thursday night, we went to Love's Truck Stop off I-81, and spoke with some of the drivers stopping to fuel up, or buy food.
We asked how the higher gas prices are affecting their plans. They said that although gas prices are high it wouldn't stop them from seeing their family over the weekend.

"Yeah it's been really rough, gas prices just jump up and down," said Devon MacDermott of Chenango County.
"It makes you value the time a lot more when you do get up there, it's the last chance to get up there before weather gets real bad, and you're stuck with feets of snow," said Cody Shaw of Broome County. 

Both Cody and Devon say it is a last ditch effort to enjoy the end of their summer.

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