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Pro and Anti-Fracking Groups Will Greet President in Binghamton

Another big element of the President's visit will of course be both the pro and anti fracking groups that are expected to be on hand as he arrives in Binghamton:
And the  fireworks have already begun.

State Republican Chairman Ed Cox is noting the absence of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo during Obama's visit to Upstate New York - saying it's an act of Cuomo's, quote: "...political cowardice that the governor does not seem willing to join his president in facing the rabid mob of anti-frackers."

Some of those anti-fracking protesters, including Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan, feel Cox should apologize for his choice of words. But a prominent anti-fracker feels it's obvious that Cuomo is hesitant to come to Binghamton.

" I think that the governor is afraid to face the music. He doesn't want to face hundreds, if not thousands of shale activists who are pounding him every day to halt the Department of Health review conducted in secret without any public participation," said Walter Hang of Toxics Targeting.
Anti-fracking protesters are planning to gather near the Bartle Library on campus Friday morning.

Fracking supporters will meet at Otsiningo Park. Cuomo did accompany Obama in Buffalo Friday morning but said he is missing the rest of the trip to help his twin daughters get ready for their first year of college.

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