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Campaign Donations and Fracking

Activists have recently called for an investigation into campaign donations from groups who support hydraulic fracturing.

At her fundraiser dinner Thursday evening, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo said she goes out of her way not to take contributions from the natural gas and drilling industry.  However, she says it's not always clear where the line is drawn and who is considered a natural gas drilling supporter.

"I've taken contributions from the plumber and pipe fitters who are for fracking but they are also for a whole number of issues that apply to their trade.  So, if you look into where those contributions come from, it's not always obvious how to interpret it," said Lupardo.

"I do think making sure we have adequate disclosure and tightening the rules is an important step toward making sure that we have the kind of government we want," said Majority Leader Joe Morelle (D-Rochester)

Meanwhile, it's reported State Senator Tom Libous has received over 200 thousand dollars from those with pro-fracking interests.

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