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Carousel's 90th Birthday!

Saturday was a great day to take a spin on a carousel.

And if you want to be merry as you go round, the place to be  was Johnson City--where they were celebrating the 9Oth birthday of the largest carousel in these parts-- the Herschell Carousel at the C. Fred Johnson Park::

"Back as a child I grew up here and it's always been here along with the big pool they took out. It's just something a lot of areas don't have. Something that's been around as long as this has, I mean I have people come up to me that are in their 80's and say 'I rode this as a kid.' It just means so much to a lot of people, the nostalgia, it just brings back so many good memories." said Greg Demmie, Johnson City Mayor

"I used to Saturday mornings, we'd go down to the park in West Endicott and polish the brass so we wouldn't have to wait in line and ride the Merry- Go-Round. We rode them all the time. Ever time we hear the music come on we'd holler 'Merry-Go-Round is open, let's go!'" said Lul Welch, Maine Resident

"It's here and they know it's here and they do use it and yeah maybe these events have brought out more people to the Carousel but I see people down here all the time when I drive by and it's always going." said Greg Deemie, Johnson City Mayor

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