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Fracking Moratorium Five Years Old

Five years ago Tuesday, then governor David Patterson signed into effect a moratorium on hydrofracking.  The fact that it's still in effect is a victory for drilling opponents, but travesty for those who want to see the process made legal.

Joined by County Executive Debbie Preston and Assemblymen Clifford Crouch and Christopher Friend, many landowners called for the current Governor Andrew Cuomo to end the moratorium and allow hydrofracking because they say safety is no longer an issue.

"We already had the strictest regulations in the state, we're not allowing surface contaminating fracking fluids, it's all for to be steel containers.  All the safety things that people were concerned about have been pretty much addressed," Crouch said.

"No one has seen anything from the DEC for a year now, so they have absolutely no grounds to claim that, period.  This process cannot be done safely," said Isaac Silberman-Gorn, Citizen Action.

Silberman-Gorn adds that the industry's numbers show that well casings fail, water sources get contaminated and people get sick. 
He says that's reason enough to keep the moratorium intact.

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