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Historical Society hold Re-enactment in Newark Valley

NEWARK VALLEY -- No Internet, No Cars, and No Cell Phones. Three things that a teenager's worst nightmare and the Northeast Encampment of Living History have in common.

Today, visitors from around the area got a chance to come and see what life was like during the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. The event is just one of 5 other major reenactments that take place along the East Coast. Those who participate in it say that they enjoy their living conditions.

"We just come out here and we live like this for literally 2 weeks and we cook over open bed fires and there are no modern amenities allowed in this camp. What you see in this camp is what you got, " said Jeff Hunt

Most of the people who do the reenactment say that they have spent thousands of dollars to make sure that everything that they own from their cooking to their clothing is completely authentic.
Even though some might see this as a waste of money, participants say they are honoring our roots.

"It's sort of like a re-enactment of when the mountain men used to come down out of the mountains, the settlers used to come from the east. They would sell their furs, they would buy the provisions that they need for the next year and then they would party for three weeks. So the reason everything is pre-1840 is because 1840 was the last rendezvous that they had," said Allen Bedford, Ontario Resident

Others do it because it has been a family tradition, passed on from generation to generation.

"My parents got we back into this when I was a child, roughly 45 years of doing this. It's a great time and the more people that get involved the longer we'll be able to keep this going," sai Stuart MacCaskill, owner of Highland Ironworks

Although there were dozens of different shops and nic naks to looks at, some visitors were more interested in the weaponry that they craft and harness. Joe Cavanaugh says hunting was the his inspiration for joining in the fun.

"Oh I love it. I just started because I wanted to hunt with a black powder gun and pretty soon that's all I hunted with and I enjoy shooting it every week," said Joe Cavanaugh

But in the end, many of these pioneers say that they love it because they are a family.

In Newark Valley, Scott Sasina, Fox 40 HD News


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