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Continuing Coverage: Watching Flood, River Conditions

Storms causing some flooding around the Twin Tiers and power outages in our area.
As of an 9:00pm Monday night, 1,750 customers were without power in Broome County.  Some of Binghamton's Westside was without power.  Five Riverside Towers was dark, however the house across the street had lights on.

Meanwhile, in Conklin,  a town no stranger to severe flooding, the fire department was in Schnurbusch Park for routine drills and making sure water pumps were working.  This was just a regular drill night and all crews were just making sure water pumps were working properly.  Conklin Fire Chief Bill Gorman says he's not worried about any major flooding.

"We're not really fretting anything here," said Gorman.  "We've been through two, we know what to expect, and this isn't really making us concerned."

Gorman added he was confident that the river will remain well under levels reached in 2006 and 2011.

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