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Crackdown on Texting While Driving

State law makers are cracking down on texting and driving, instituting more severe penalties for drivers who break the law.

While signing the bill into law Monday, Cuomo said it's important to punish this behavior, especially when it comes to teenage drivers.

If you're ticketed for texting while driving you'll now receive five points on your license.  Previously it was three.

Probationary or junior drivers caught texting while driving could see their license suspended for 60 days.

"Inattention and inexperience can be a death sentence. Inattention,  those two, three, four, five seconds that you're looking down to answer the text, that period is all the time in the world," said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo called the latest statistics frightening, and says recently there are more injuries and fatalities due to distracted driven than drunk driving.

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