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Grant Could Help Stop Flooding in Conklin

CONKLIN -- A state grant may soon provide relief for a recurring flooding problem in one part of Conklin.
After heavy rains like we just experienced, some properties off of Route 7A were flooded, but not because of the river.

Instead property owners said it's due to runoff from a nearby mountain.

The owner of Jimay's Flea Market said clogged culverts running to the river are to blame for sending the runoff to her property.

Conklin Supervisor Jim Finch talked to a member of Governor Cuomo's office Friday who said the towns of Conklin, Vestal, and Union are in line for a $5 million flood mitigation grant, and building new culverts to the river from Route 7A could be included in the list of projects.

"There's got to be a solution somewhere. There's at least two of us property owners here that every time we get a heavy rain we suffer through this. Me as well as them," said Linda Burrows, owner of Jimays Flea Market.

"We know a person who owns the trailer park that's willing to donate some property that goes to the river. So we have the property, if we can get under the tracks we can alleviate the problem," said Finch.
Finch said there would be a valve at the end of the culvert leading to the river that would prevent runoff from flowing into the river if the river rose too high.

The town would still have to get permission from the Canadian Pacific Railroad to dig under some railroad tracks. Finch feels influence from the state could help with that.

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