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Judge Declares Mistrial In PE Teacher Case

A former Newark Valley physical education teacher will continue to fight the district in court.

A judge declared a mistrial in the case of Wilcox v. Newark Valley Central School District on Friday.

Lyndsey Wilcox had been dating Todd Broxmeyer, a volunteer field hockey coach.  Broxmeyer was fired in 2007 and charged with child pornography and having sexual relations with underage girls.

Wilcox was fired in March of 2008 and her attorney says it has prevented her from getting another teaching job and has damaged her reputation.  He says he wants to see over a million dollars in damages.

"She has been out of work six years.  She hasn't been able to teach.  She's had her reputation ruined and she had an impeccable reputation.  Witness after witness came in and testified, even the district witnesses conceded she was an excellent teacher," said Attorney Ronald Benjamin.

"I'm just really upset and completely disappointed and I'm just not ready to talk about anything at this time," said Lyndsey Wilcox, Plantiff.

The school district called for a mistrial.  Benjamin says the evidence wasn't presented in a way the judge wasn't satisfied with.

A new trial will start September 3, 2013.

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