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Activists Focusing On Businesses Against Fracking Initiative

Ever since the Office of Energy Development was created, various activists and environmental groups have accused the County of really setting up an office to encourage fracking.  They say the don't buy the idea that fracking would be a big boost to the local economy and businesses.
On Wednesday night, activists gathered at the Citizens Action office in Binghamton to discuss what they can do to convince  Governor Cuomo to hold off on a decision that might allow fracking in New York State.

One particular effort is the "Businesses Against Fracking" initiative, which they say already has over 1,000 businesses signed on, ranging from local delis and bakeries, up to larger companies including Patagonia Outdoor Clothing and ABC Carpet & Home.

"Business leaders are coming out and saying that they don't want fracking," said Elizabeth Broad, an organizer from Catskill Mountain Keeper. "While the gas industry argues that this is going to create a lot of jobs, business leaders are saying that they want sustainable economic development in New York state."

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