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Protecting Yourself From Rabies

It's that time of year for warm weather, sunshine, and unfortunately, bats in the house.

More bats are out because they're feeding on mosquitoes. The Broome County Health Department is warning locals that they could contract rabies, a deadly disease from the flying creatures.

If you see a bat in your house that comes  into contact with residents or pets, you will need to properly capture the bat for it to be tested.

"Go up to the bat while it's landed, with gloves on, with a tupperware bowl.  Slide the cardboard underneath, flip it over, and tape the cardboard down.  Keep the bat cool, not frozen, and don't destroy the head.  We need the head for testing," said Director of Environmental Health Services for Broome County, Chris Coddington.

If you capture a bat, bring it to the Broome County Health Department on 225 Front Street within three days.

You can also call them at 607-778-2847 for more information.

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