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Puello declines to comment on possible suspension

BINGHAMTON -- As was expected, Cesar Puello skated around the issue of his possible suspension on Wednesday.

Despite statistics that have skyrocketed-- his batting average is up over .500 points and he has already surpassed his 2012 A+ home run and RBI totals-- Puello preferred not to comment. He did not deny allegations.

Instead, Puello said, "If you have something to talk about, what I'm doing in the field, I can give you the answer. Right now I can't talk about anything else. Only about baseball. It's no distraction. I just want to talk about baseball."

He was visibly upset at being asked about the situation.

The outfielder is the lone minor leaguer on a list of twenty players who could be suspended for their involvement in a Miami-based performance enhancing drug scandal.

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