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Governor Warns Against Buying Flood Damaged Cars.

Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a consumer alert Tuesday cautioning New Yorkers against buying cars damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

There are approximately 400,000 vehicles that were flooded as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is being notified by insurance companies so they can  prevent flood-damaged vehicles from being re-titled or re-registered.

The DMV's Chief Investigator, Owen McShane says that the cars look fine, but warns there could be electrical problems.

"In terms of collision we've seen a lot of cases where airbags exposed to water, especially salt water, will not deploy and we also see issues with the car computer that controls everything from the antilock braking, to the airbags, to general vehicle components," said DMV's Chief Field Investigator Owen McShane.

McShane encouraged people to look for water damage and  rust in unusual spots on the vehicles.

Another tip, have the vehicle checked out by a trusted mechanic.

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