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Activists Rally Against Senator Libous

Could public financing of campaigns cure what ails Albany?

Activists who rallied outside Government Plaza in downtown Binghamton say yes.

The group rallied for campaign finance reform while railing against State Senator Tom Libous for working to keep two pieces of legislation from reaching the senate floor: a moratorium on fracking, and a fair elections bill.

Libous, who supports fracking in New York, said earlier this year he would work to keep the moratorium bill from coming to the floor for a vote.

Activists Tuesday said public financing of campaigns would make politicians more accountable to the public instead of big donors.

"It's never in the best interest of the people to have only one system in place, one system that requires that a politician that runs for office in New York State goes to where the money is," said Lawrence Parham of Citizen Action.

Parham supports a system that would allow candidates to get six dollars for every one dollar raised in small donations, maybe $250 or less. he estimates the cost of such a system at $40 to $60 million dollars.

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