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Future of Fracking Debates

Has the Federal Environmental Protection Agency changed the fracking debate?

The agency recently lowered it's estimate of how much methane escapes into the air during gas production.

Those in favor of gas development say critics have ignored how improvements in technology can improve the ability to keep methane a greenhouse gas from escaping.

Those skeptical say studies like these and others by the EPA will have no bearing on whether fracking will come to New York State.

"That is yet another issue that never has been fully addressed by the Department of Environmental Conservation. It's another reason why we've been requesting the Governor just start this process all over again," said Walter Hang, President of Toxics Targeting.

"(Critics) really took no account in improvements in industry technology or the incentive of the gas industry to collect that methane. Those are dollars," said Tom Shepstone of Energy In Depth, an industry-funded group.

The EPA still considers natural gas operations as the leading source of methane emissions in the country.

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