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Rich David Announces He's Back In The Mayoral Race

"I'm Rich David and I'm running for Mayor of Binghamton," said Rich David, candidate for mayor.

At the Terra Cotta, a business he co-owns in downtown, Rich David announced he is back in the Binghamton Mayoral Race.

"The reason I'm running for Mayor is to get Binghamton back on track and that essentially means focusing on the economic development, creating jobs, creating an environment that's conducive for job creation," said David.

David served as deputy mayor under Richard Bucci and is now the public affairs officer at Broome Community College.  He also owns a number of small businesses and says his diverse background makes him the perfect candidate for the job.

"I think it gives me a really wide lens to view the very complex economic and financial issues facing the city of Binghamton," said David.

David is someone familiar with hard economic times--judging by the reason he gave for temporarily pulling out of the race in February-- delayed tax payments.

"In the past I've been late on a handful of payments, delayed payments on one of the businesses and buildings I own.  I didn't want that to be a distraction," said David.

But David says he no longer thinks that will be an issue and says many people asked him to reconsider entering the race.

"All I'm going to focus on is who I am.  What my plan is.  Why I am the most qualified person and what my vision for the city is and the other candidates can focus on whatever it is they want to focus on," said David.

David stressed he wants to bring businesses into Binghamton and as mayor, he would focus on increasing safety, fixing infrastructure and better managing city finances.

Ali Warner, Fox 40 HD News.

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