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Legislature Approves Resolution Opposing The SAFE Act

BINGHAMTON -- By a 10-3 vote, the Broome County Legislature has approved a resolution opposing the New York SAFE Act on Thursday night.
There was a heated discussion before it was passed.  The  resolution opposes the enactment and mandates contained within the states latest gun control measure.

Steven Flagg says he saw two major issues with the law.  The first was unfunded mandates.  He says the county will need to hire more people to support the mandatory paperwork the act requires  and track mental health.

Flagg says he also believes the act was rushed into law and that Governor Cuomo should spend time talking with the people of upstate New York.

"We got the support of the people it seems like today and I'm excited we are going to be sending a message to the Governor that we don't like this. It needs to be re-crafted and sent back to the drawing board. We aren't against doing something but lets work on doing the right thing," said Steven Flag, Broome County Representative.

Flagg says the resolution passing doesn't affect the law here in Broome County--it was done to send a message.

Residents still must follow the laws of the SAFE ACT.

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