January 11, 2013 — Please read the email below that was sent today from Brian Brady, President/CEO Northwest Broadcasting, Inc., to Dave Shull, Sr. Vice President of Programing at DISH.




You have asked that our viewers who are also Dish Network subscribers contact me and demand that I restore the FOX signal in time for this weekend's football games. Thank you for steering these viewers my way. Today alone I have spoken personally with several dozen of our viewers and I regret that Dish has misled them about our contract dispute. Let me be clear that Northwest Broadcasting remains eager to do a deal with Dish Network.  


You and your Dish Network colleagues have told our viewers that Dish has offered us a deal identical to your primary competitor DirecTV, and that we have rejected that deal. My January 8, 2013 email to you clearly states the contrary: We are ready to close a deal with Dish on exactly the same terms, for the same periods and at the same rates as DirecTV.  


Dave, Dish has repeatedly told people that there might not be any more FOX station in Spokane, Yakima, Medford and Binghamton. I think it is only fair that the viewing public see the unfiltered and actual correspondence between Dish and Northwest and let them decide for the themselves who is responsible for the FOX programming not being available on the Dish Network in our markets and who is keeping them from getting the games this weekend. To that end, I am copying all of the viewers who have taken the time to reach out to me (at your urging) and let them read our repeated offer first hand. This email will also be posted on the stations' websites.  


I am prepared to do the deal you claim you have offered which is the exact same deal that DirecTV has for the exact same terms and time period. If Dish was sincere about their offer and want their subscribers to be able to watch the games this weekend then let's get the deal done before kickoff on Saturday.  You have my contact information and I will be available to get this done.    




Brian W. Brady


Northwest Broadcasting, Inc.

Northwest Broadcasting, Inc.
FOX 26 - Medford, Oregon
FOX 28 - Spokane, Washington
FOX 11 - Pendleton, Oregon/Tri-Cities, Washington
FOX 41 - Yakima, Washington
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If you would like to contact DISH please call (303 723)-2487 and/or (303) 723-1000.

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