After Hurricane Beryl hit Texas Monday, more northern areas including here in the Southern Tier are feeling some leftover remnants from the storm. 

Southern-tier New York is expecting to see heavy raining, possibly leading to flash flooding, this evening. 

People are encouraged to have quick access to shelter and a means to receive warnings.  These conditions are expected to move further north into New England.

Experiencing these leftover effects from tropical storms this far north has only happened eighteen times since 1954. 

"It can turn pretty hazardous pretty quickly in light of these storms can have impacts too can be very strong winds see we're not expecting any hail, but the winds, you know, and obviously tornadoes with the strong winds associated with them bringing down trees and power lines and damaging, winds," Meteorologist at National Weather Service Brian Tentinger said. "Those are the things we're kind of concerned about today. And then also, like I said before, the threat for flash flooding as well. But that's a little bit further to the north of our area."