Over the next three weeks well 112 middle schoolers and high schoolers are getting the chance to see what it is like to be in law enforcement.

This is made possible through the Vestal Youth Police Academy, the product of a partnership between Vestal High School and the Vestal Police Department.

The academy kicked things off today with a visit from the national guard, with K9 units and a bomb squad among others set to fill out the Academy's slate.

Conor Talbut, a school resource officer, explained the origins and history behind the program.

"A school resource officer at the time noticed that kids were kind of reluctant to come up and talk with him," Talbut said. "So we started this this camp just to build those good relationships, and it's obviously paid off. When he first started, I think there was 20 or so kids and now we're up to around 120 kids. So it's grown."

The academy will wrap up this week's session Friday, before kicking off two more sessions in the coming weeks for groups of high schoolers.