All throughout this weekend, high schools in our region have been sending off their graduating classes with Binghamton High School rounding out the proceedings earlier today.

The Patriots welcomed students and families into the visions veterans memorial arena in downtown Binghamton for the ceremony.

Students were treated to speeches and callbacks to their high school experiences, before walking across the arena to claim their diplomas.

One such recipient today was Collin Gibb, who spoke on how today's ceremonies helped him say goodbye to this chapter of his life.

"I feel like this is the end of a chapter," Gibb said. "But I've learned so much and I've gathered so many close friends and so much knowledge that as I go on to college, I'm going to [University of Colorado Boulder], and as I go on to college there everything that I've learned and all my support will carry me and I'll be well prepared for my next chapter in my life. So I'm really just looking forward to that."

283 students made up this year's graduating BHS class.