According to a 2022 study by Statista, the average person spends 15.6 minutes a day reading. 

"Reading is a lifelong skill. We're always going to need to know how to read and write. And also it helps with communication," Youth Services Librarian at Vestal Public Library Molly Creveling said.  "I would say that it helps develop empathy. You get to develop, you get to develop feelings to characters, understand people's stories."

Benefits from frequent reading include expanded vocabulary, stronger writing, and even reduced stress.

Burnt out from the academic year, some students can struggle to find the energy to read hundreds of pages. 

To bring that extra motivation, Broome County libraries are participating in a summer reading program, where readers receive prizes for every three hours they clock in reading. 

"The ultimate goal of summer reading is to get our kids reading and to maintain and have library goers and maintain these kids as library goers," Creveling said. "Maybe it's the first time they're stepping into a library."

Clocking in all those reading hours allows students to learn new topics and lessons, ultimately preparing them for the new school year in the fall.  

"They're hopefully making more strides that they are learning new things," Creveling said. "The maybe leveling up, trying new books, trying new topics, trying to get more exposure so that they are ready to meet those next new grades."

Broome County is home to nine public libraries for everyone to use this summer.