Gather By is a premier Australian regenerative agricultural business working with beekeepers, farmers, and landholders to produce high-quality Australian Manuka Honey. The firm recorded an all-time high MGO level of 2,242, which was independently verified by University of the Sunshine Coast.

Gather By, a proud member of the Australian Manuka Honey Association, is proud to announce the groundbreaking record of 2,242 methylglyoxal (MGO) in its latest batch of Manuka Honey. As the holder of the London International Honey Awards 2024 for its 2,000+ MGO Honey, Gather By has pushed the envelope yet again, setting a new world record for the purity and potency of its honey. 

Additionally, the company is a proud recipient of innumerable accolades, such as the Quality Food Awards in 2023, the Quality Taste Award in 2023, and many others. 

Coveted for robust antibacterial and health properties, MGO-rich Australian Manuka Honey is extremely rare in the contemporary market. Gather By has been actively collaborating with expert beekeepers across the East Coast of Australia, tending to Medicinal Manuka tree forests, and extending its expertise to ensure honey batches are as powerful and pure as possible. 

According to the company’s spokesperson, the firm has been meticulously catering to the development of Manuka Honey forests complete with Manuka bushes and bee fodder plants, to foster organic biodiversity and develop safe, natural habitats for Manuka harvesting. 

Years of extensive research and hard work have paid off with a record-breaking batch measuring 2,242 MGO, eclipsing the potency of all available Manuka Honey available worldwide. 

Prior to this groundbreaking discovery, the strongest levels of MGO ever recorded were close to 2,100. Given that Manuka Honey is typically categorized in groups from 100 to over 2,000+ MGO, the increase of 142 marks monumental progress in the world of medicinal honey. 

Gather By has been working on establishing a far-reaching network of professionals that would tend to the well-being of Medicinal Manuka forests and surrounding habitats due to an array of health benefits Manuka-rich honey provides to consumers. 

One of the key benefits of high MGO honey Manuka lies in unrivalled antibacterial properties. When either consumed or directly applied to surface wounds, this honey accelerates healing, holds infections at bay, and fosters the growth of healthy bacteria, enhancing the consumer’s overall well-being. 

As underscored by Gather By’s spokesperson, Manuka honey has been scientifically proven to reduce S. Aureus infections and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, as well as soothe a range of other conditions. 

While low-MGO honey may only temporarily boost the rate at which minor wounds heal, Manuka Honey boasting MGO over 2,000+ provides reliable ongoing support by curbing inflammation and treating various burns and lacerations. Moreover, topical application of Manuka Honey rich in MGO is significantly more effective relative to contemporary skincare products as it unifies the benefits of moisturizing, skin nourishment, and infection prevention under one umbrella. 

The latest research confirmed that Manuka Honey with MGO above 2,000+ can do wonders for the user’s digestive health. Not only does it enhance gut flora and ease discomfort but it also promotes a more efficient food digestion process. 

The experts at Gather By Manuka have been documenting a mountain of research and scientific evidence that supports the health benefits of Manuka Honey 2,000+ MGO

Gather By has been diligently working on supplying global markets with the highest-quality Manuka Honey for over 5 years in tandem with revitalizing the Australian Manuka ecosystem. From tending to Manuka forests to supporting local agricultural businesses, Gather By has made a significant impact not only in Australia but also across all compass points by delivering potent, healthy honey:

“The business, with its headquarters adjacent to Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, is reinvigorating Australia’s honey industry and is exporting 80% of its products to meet strong global demand for medicinal and therapeutic qualities of Manuka used for everything from healing infections, burns and wounds, to soothing sore throats, and boosting gut health and immunity,” the firm’s spokesperson said.

More information about Gather By and its Manuka Honey products is available on the company’s official website.

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