The legislation to provide $66,000 in funding for four new pole cameras in high crime areas in Binghamton is awaiting a vote by the Binghamton city council.

Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham and Broome County District Attorney Paul Battisti say these cameras are essential to local law enforcement.

Broome County District Attorney Paul Battisti says, "This investigative tool is essential in today's day and age for us to be able to do our job for the men and women of law enforcement, to be able to do their job to prevent crime in some situations before it even happens. "

Speaking with Binghamton City Council Member Kinya Middleton, she says there is a reason they've been hesitant to make a decision.

Middleton said, "Whenever we're making any informed decisions, we're trying to get all aspects of it and different views, and we've had constituents in all of our areas speak out against it, so we were just trying to do research so we can provide it back to our constituents before we make any decision."

One resident says he thinks the cameras could do more good than bad, but also understands concerns from other community members.

Binghamton Resident Isa Abdul-Haqq "I get why, you know, we would put that up on both sides. I don't really have an opinion on yay or nay, I just get the perspective."

Mayor Kraham said the decision should be a no-brainer, saying, "Vote yes, get this program going, and continue to support 21st-century public safety investments in the city of Binghamton and specifically in the neighborhoods that are affected most by crime. "

The topic will be discussed at the next business meeting for the city council on Wednesday, June 26th.

Kinya Middleton says she doesn't know if a decision will be made on Wednesday but they do plan to vote on the legislation in the near future.