Fishermen have the opportunity to rent a boat for free during this upcoming weekend's NYS Free Fishing Weekend.

County officials say during this weekend, three county parks are allowing fishermen to rent a boat for an hour for free as long as they bring their own fishing pole. The three parks where this deal is possible are Nathaniel Cole Park, Dorchester Park, and Greenwood Park. Rowboats, canoes, and paddle boats are the boats available.

While the boats are available to rent for free for an hour, renters will still have to put down the standard boat deposit. After the first hour, regular rental rates will apply. Below is a breakdown of the rent costs for boats after the first hour is completed:

Rowboats/canoes: $20 deposit. $5 per hour. $20 per day.

Paddle boats/kayaks: $20 deposit. $8 per hour. N/A per day.

Senior (60+)/Veteran Rowboats/Canoes: $10 deposit. $3 per hour. $10 per day.

Fishing from the shore is also allowed.