The second round of the Dick's Open today was made free for all in our region thanks to the decade long donation of one business.

"En-Joie The Day on HH&K" was started in 2009 by local law firm Hinman, Howard And Kattell and Dick's Sporting Goods, covering admission for all spectators for the second day of the tournament.

Tickets were available for pick up during the week at various banks and convenience stores in the local area, and volunteers handed out tickets to those without one at the course as well.

James Orband, managing partner for HH&K, described the gratitude for the promotion he has received over the years.

"Everybody looks forward to being able to come out here for free on Saturday to experience the event," Orband says. "You know, we get a lot of accolades, not that we expect it at all. We're just doing this for the community, but we got a lot of people really saying that they really appreciate what we do."

The average prices of a ticket is about $30.