Owego celebrates the second night of the 42nd Strawberry Festival with the annual block party throughout the streets of downtown on Friday, June 14. 

The thousands in attendance got a taste of some live music, food, craft beers, and of course strawberries. The night finished off with fireworks for the town to enjoy. 

The festival is now in its 42nd year and marks one of the longest-running strawberry festivals in the country. 

Expecting almost 15,000 people, Chairholder for Strawberry Festival Wendy Post says the festival is the ultimate community uniter. 

 "What it does for the community is it brings us all back together. It's almost like a rally right? Like once a year, we all get together and we get to come do this together. And it keeps us strong as a community," Post said. "It shows I mean, the parade tomorrow, you know, we're carrying the Tioga strong banner. You know, we support each other. And this festival is just one culmination of everybody supporting each other."