Though it's known as the greatest two minutes in sports, a lot of work goes into the Kentucky Derby, as some SUNY Broome students learned when they worked the Derby. 

Students from the hospitality department got to put what they've been learning in the classroom to the test. 

"It was just a proud moment for me to see them do what we teach here, put it into practice, and they actually really liked it. So it was a really cool moment for me to see all of them thrive and succeed in what they're going to school for," said Maria Montemagno, chair of the hospitality programs department.

They were tasked with preparing food to meet the standards of the Derby and managing logistics, like organizing the Finish Line Suites.

For the students, their week in Kentucky gave them real-world experience and insight into what their careers could look like.

"You really can do something that you love," said culinary student Danielle Gardner. "You don't have to just go to work every day for a paycheck if you love what you do. And I got the opportunity to be in that position because of the school, and I appreciate them greatly for that."

This is the first year SUNY Broome students have gone, but Monetmagno is hopes it's not the last.