The Discovery Center has been waiting for today all year, as it celebrated it's 40th birthday with a carnival.

"Who doesn't love a birthday party?," said executive director Brenda Myers. "So today children will be here playing indoors and outdoors on all of their favorite exhibits.

It was a thrilling afternoon full of games, prizes and most importantly, delicious treats.

"Having some food and some special treats like ice cream and cotton candy is always popular as well," Myers said.

But reaching 40 years at the Discovery Center is a lot more than just fun and games. It's a testament to how the center continues to evolve.

"Always making sure children have lots of choices and that they have things they can do with their friends and their family when they come," Myers said.

And to the volunteers who work tirelessly to keep dreams alive.

"It's all about a team, right?," Myers said. "So it's about a group of people working together who are passionate about children playing."

All to create a generational centerpiece of a southern tier childhood, and to ensure the next 40 are even greater than before.

"For 40 years, people have been dreaming and and supporting the idea that children need a place to play," Myers said. "So nothing happens without the support of hundreds of people."