Christine Juozitis has been teaching for 35 years, starting out teaching 4th grade for 11 years, before switching to 3rd.

Juozitis knew she wanted to be in education from a young age, taking a page out of her mother's book.

"She is a retired schoolteacher, so she gets in the family because she's a teacher. And I wanted to follow in her footsteps as well. But it is a passion that I have for it," she said.

She's extended that family-first mentality to her students, teaching them to take pride in themselves and their peers during their morning meetings. 

"We meet at the morning meeting every day, and build those relationships as a family in our classroom and we even made our class family respect agreement. So that's something that we touch back on, you know, whenever we need to remind ourselves what our expectations are here in room 29 at Thomas Jefferson," says Juozitis.

Juozitis prioritizes learning but keeps things fresh by giving her students different activities every day. 

She says kids thrive when they realize learning can be fun.

She said, "I want them to have the same passion for learning that I have for teaching them. And so to watch them grow and to see them get excited about learning and making connections to things that we've done in previous lessons and assignments, brings me such great joy and enthusiasm for this job. I mean, I can't picture myself ever really doing anything else."