Amidst the busy front street days was a piece of living history.

"I was in world war two," said veteran George Harrington. "There's not too many of us left now."

Visiting the community yesterday was the latest part of an adventure spanning the last two years for George.

All kick started by his neighbors taking an interest in his patriotism.

"Every year for Memorial Day, the 4th of July, the different holidays, he would put out flags and a memorial for the veterans, his relatives who have passed away," said Sharon Lewis, a photographer for Twin Tiers Honor Flight.

From their, the Lewis family got George involved with Twin Tiers Honor Flight, a local organization that sends veterans to Washington DC and helped bestow upon George one of the greatest duties a veteran can perform.

"That was an important thing to lay the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier," Harrington said. "I knew people that got killed in the war and it touched me very much."

And the recognition didn't stop there. When nominations came up for the state senate veterans hall of fame, the Lewis's got George's name in Lea Webb's ear.

"He's a great guy," Lewis said. "He's very friendly. We just enjoy him a lot. And I know that he's a great patriot."

And Senator Webb saw George as the perfect fit for the honor.

"He was highly recommended by some great folks here in the community because they believe, like me, that his story deserves to be told," Webb said.

And thus George was enshrined in Albany earlier last week. But while touched by the honor, George has a much deeper mission driving him to these public events.

"People don't realize it, but if it wasn't for the Army, Navy and Air Force and everything, they saved the United States from being taken," Harrington said.

To ensure this sacrifice is not forgotten, George is ready to shake the hand of anyone who will listen.