Memorial Day is just a few days away and today serving as a chance for students from Johnson City to pay their respects and take their learning outside the classroom. 

Teachers saying students have been learning all about the meaning of Memorial Day; that it doesn't just mean a long weekend.

"It's very important that we recognize people that have served in our country and in that service. They've given their lives, sacrificed their lives for the freedoms that we have," said Lars Luffman, Army Reserve Administrator 698th Quartermaster Company. 

The third graders stepped outside the classroom, placing flags made in class with messages of thanks on the graves of soldiers.

Teacher Kelsey Perez saying she hopes today allowed students to make personal connections to the lessons taught in class and meet those serving our nation. 

"Hopefully they'll remember for years and years to really be able to. You know, we spend every day at school and so to be able to take them outside of the classroom and apply what we've been learning into real life and, you know, go somewhere that they may not have been before."

The lesson not ending once the final flag was placed.

"Today, when we were telling them about what we were doing in preparation, they thought that was really exciting. And the soldiers are coming back to the school after as well, so they're excited for that and to kind of be able to interact and talk, to talk with them and learn more about, you know, what they do for our country and their role and all that," 3rd grade teacher Alisha Pellicciotti said.