Mets left-handed pitcher David Peterson made a rehab start with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies on Tuesday, tossing 5.1 innings of shutout ball.

"Feel good. I feel like I got everything I needed to do to get out there for the sixth and throw everything and felt good about my stuff," Peterson said. "Yeah, I think we've got a couple more [rehab starts] on the schedule, kind of about ten or 12 days away from when I can come off the 60-day [injured list]. So kind of fill that gap with a couple more starts and then be ready to go."

Peterson's final line boasted zero walks and eight strikeouts, though the Mets pitcher did give up five hits with four singles and a double.

"I think that for me, it's always a key to be able to get some ground balls, get some double plays when I need to," Peterson said. "And so it was good to see a lot of balls on the ground and sort of in the air."

Peterson underwent offseason hip surgery and has not pitched in the big leagues this season.

"The hips felt really good and I'm kind of night and day difference from before surgery," Peterson said. "When the thing you're rehabbing isn't an issue, it's a nice recovery feeling. So it's good to go out there and just be able to trust my body and trust the work that we put in and go have fun and compete."

The Mets pitcher made 24 starts in Binghamton back in 2019.

Peterson was caught by Kevin Parada, the Mets' ninth-ranked prospect.

"It was easy to work with him," Peterson said. "He did a great job back there, sequencing and framing and blocking. So when you have a guy like that who wants to work and works hard back there, it's a lot of fun to throw to."