As May is coming in, so are more scams when it comes to your electric and gas bills, as NYSEG is reporting an increase in potential scams during the Spring. 

NYSEG is seeing more aggressive tactics so far this year when it comes to scammers and is seeing those scams take place through phone calls, emails, and various links. 

Customers should be on the lookout for fraudulent phone numbers, emails, text messages, and door-to-door imposters.

NYSEG  is also reminding customers that they never send employees inside of your residence to use a device, have employees take pictures of your electric bills, or ask customers to make payments with pre-paid debit cards. 

To help ensure you don't fall victim to a potential scam, the company is providing all customers with some useful safety tips.

Know the available payment methods, as NYSEG offers a plethora of payment methods and will work with customers to pay down outstanding balances.  

As the employee who comes to your door for ID, as all NYSEG employees and contractors carry company-issued photo ID. Finally, one can enroll in auto pay and the amount due is automatically deducted from the bank account affiliated with NYSEG. 

"Some of these scammers are getting aggressive, as I mentioned, and sophisticated it and they look legit, But that's not the case. And certainly no one wants to be taken advantage of and be set back financially," Communications Manager for NYSEG Alexis Arnold said. "So it's very important that our customers realize that, you know, as we're here to provide a safe and reliable service, we are looking out for their best interests and we just we don't want our customers to have to deal with this either."

To find out more information, you can visit NYSEG's website by clicking here or call customer service at 800-572-1111.