Ithaca-based environmental group Toxics Targeting President Walter Hang is calling out state environmental authorities for their failure to resolve Frank Holden's issue with natural gas in his water supply at his Preble residence. 

Hang found Frank Holden's ignitable drinking water hazards in a series of 44 Department of Environmental Conversation spill reports.

The reports show various natural gas and oil extraction hazards that often did not meet state environment and public health regulatory requirements. 

Holden first discovered he had tainted water in 2015 while getting a water softener installed. He reached out to the D-E-C in 2019 but received no help. 

Holden isn't the only person who faces this problem at their home. Hang soon found in the reports that one Allegany residence had blown up from natural gas due to oil extraction activities. 

"We have the Department of Environment Conservation to respond to these complaints, investigate, remediate if need be, and strictly enforce the law to protect public health and the environment. That's totally not happening," Hang said. 

Even though Holden's situation is not caused by fracking, hang has continued to reach out to New York State Governor Kathy Hochul regarding the situation. 

He is calling for an investigation into how the state has handled Holden's water problem. Also in a recent letter written to Hochul, Hang wants all forms of fracking with any amount of water to be prohibited. 

"There can't be any shale fracking because we know that people have problems and we know that D-E-C. does not enforce the law. Years can go by. People are living with terrible problems," Hang said.