Despite over 200 million dollars in funding already proposed, legislators and unions are calling on Governor Kathy Hochul to provide more funding for SUNY.

The Governor's executive budget already calls for 207 million dollars to be given to New York's public universities.

But members of the Senate Higher Education Committee are partnering with United University Professions, a union for SUNY workers, to say that is not enough.

Citing budget deficits alongside other shortcomings, the UUP is asking for an additional 139 million dollars for financially distressed campuses alongside 110 million for student programs. 

In their 2024 legislative plan, the union identifies part of the problem as delegation.

"Eighteen campuses still have budget deficits," the union writes. "We strongly urge the legislature to directly appropriate this funding to these campuses rather than give the SUNY board of trustees the discretion to allocate a lump-sum appropriation."